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 Entropy Applications - READ THIS

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PostSubject: Entropy Applications - READ THIS   Thu Jun 02, 2016 9:44 pm

Welcome to the Entropy society forum!

If you are interested in joining our family please take some time to look over the society information.

Society Requirements

Here are the basic requirements to join:

- Capable of using TeamSpeak

- Willing to join the society on WhatsApp

- Have 180HP and 200k Skills

- Be very active at LandGrab and in general

- Always have a full set of pvp armor and weapons ready

- Know someone already in Entropy very well that will vouch for you

- Lastly follow the steps below on how to apply if you feel you have what it takes

How To Apply

Make a new thread and state your name in the thread title.

Please copy this form below into the thread and fill it out.

Real Life Information
First Name: (Optional)
Age: (Required)
Country: (Required)
Time Zone: (Required)
Language Spoken/Read/Write: (Required)
Ocupation: (Optional)

Ingame Information
Avatar Full Name: (Required)
Ingame Time/week: (Optional)
Started EU: (Optional)
Total Skills: (Required)
HP: (Required)
Attribute Total: (Required)

Additional Information:
Who Vouches From Entropy: (Required)
Why you want to join our society: (Required)
Tell us a little more about yourself: (Optional)

We sometimes accept a little lower then required if you have high potential so don't be scared to post an application.

Hope to hear from you soon!
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Entropy Applications - READ THIS
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